The funniest thing ever

I couldn't stop laughing when i saw this video,A bunch of celebrities read the meanest tweets about themselves ,you can't get any cooler than this :)

Stay lovely

Dr.Oz Taco Recipe Yum Yum

The other day I was watching Dr.Oz show and I must say am a big fan . I love everything that do good to my  body ,specially healthy recipes.So, a woman called Annie made tacos without all the fat and calories and I was like wow that's exactly what I needed since tacos are one of my guilty pleasure.So here is the recipe:
what you  need is:
 -1 pound Ground Turkey

- Natural Spices like fire salt, sea salt, herbs, and garlic

- Lettuce

- Fresh Salsa

- Fiber Wraps

1.  Brown your ground turkey and strain out all of the extra oil.
2.  Seasonwith natural spices or a taco seasoning mix.
3.  Stuff a fiber wrap with the cooked turkey, lettuce and salsa.
and Bon appetite :)

Stay lovely xxoxoxo

Buckle up! Werewolves are in town.

A wise man called Stiles Stilinski once said:
Act like a werewolf and not a teen wolf.
Teen Wolf
One of my current favorite T.V series, it is about a teenager boy called Scott McCall who get bitten by a werewolf and becomes one himself. Some changes are positive like the super hearing, and becoming super great in sports. But there are some problems, and dangerous things that will happen to him and the others including his friends later. I'm always thrilled to watch Teen Wolf, I'm like so in love with it and I really enjoy the concept behind this T.V series because it takes werewolves and all those trends to a next level, It's a mix between comedy and horror and of course Stiles Stilinski makes it even more enjoyable (If you watch it you'll know what I mean). However, you might think that Teen Wolf might be similar to Twilight. But, as a matter of fact it's not similar at all. Because it actually has an intriguing plot where Twilight is just a bunch of teenagers running into each other without any clue. To be honest I started to like Werewolves more than Vampires (:. And seriously after watching Bella giving birth to her little baby? That did it for me I was done with whole Twilight thingy and was ready to move on, And what she did to Jacob? spent time with him just because she was lonely and left him when Edward came back. NOT COOL!!! But the relationship that Scott and Alison have is more like Romeo and Juliet in a more modern way. Jackson, is another character who is 100% hotness and happens to be evil as well (well that's what we know till know), I just don't like it when he kills people, but who's controlling him? I honestly think it's Peter, cause he got killed and then resurrected, and whenever he's around troubles happen. And Stiles, for a non- wolf boy  is funny, crazy, brave and a good friend. I honestly think that Peter have got a nice voice, I like his voice lol. I do enjoy when they start the episode with a fight scene and end it with a question, So much mystery Mmmm! Right now I'm dying to know what will happen next, this show really leaves you at the edge of your seat and anticipating what happens next, it's like the teen version of lost with less questions.
If you haven’t watched it yet you better start watching it now! and did I mention that it has 7 starts out of 10 on which is pretty good.

Stay lovely xx.